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Teen Challenge Choir
Trinidad & Tobago

As our center is open and growing, we will start a choir. We would love to give you the opportunity to host a dynamic meeting with our Teen Challenge Choir . They can visit your church, neighborhood or community group to present a powerful time of music, dramatic testimony, and challenging ministry from the Word. They combine staff and students from our residential facilities and are a one-of-a-kind demonstration of the power for God.

Teen Challenge choirs is truly unique because every member comes from a background of life-controlling problems The choir formerly represented over 100 years of bondage or drug abuse, alcohol, cocaine, crack, and crime. Every member, with their own story from CSW slavery, to crime, to drug addiction testifies to the miracle working power of GOD'S LOVE!

Individually any one is an inspiring story, but together they are a power-packed human-interest story that has left a legacy of changed lives wherever they have gone.They offer not only brilliantly showcased ensemble harmonies and infectious enthusiasm, but more importantly, the powerful reality of their own changed lives. Be sure to schedule an exciting time of ministry.

Once we have started you can Invite them and you will see why people say this is more than live ministry, it is a Life Experience

To update our progress or find out more please proceed to our booking form.

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